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Pulaski Technical College is committed to promoting student learning, student success in the workplace, and student success after transfer. The college’s major strategies for promoting these goals are to assess how well students learn, how well graduates perform in the workplace, and how well students perform after transfer to another school. Pulaski Technical College uses the results of these evaluations to improve individual courses and programs.

Assessment of student learning is an ongoing process aimed at understanding and improving learning. It involves setting goals and standards for student learning and then systematically gathering and analyzing evidence to determine how well student performance matches those expectations and standards. The main goals in the assessment of student learning are to document what learning is taking place and use the results of assessment activities to make improvements.

At Pulaski Technical College students are involved in many types of assessments. Assessment measures evaluate student learning in two main areas: general education outcomes that apply across the institution and the programmatic outcomes developed for each particular major. Outcomes assessment fosters a culture of learning for both students and faculty. Faculty use the information from assessments to revise curriculum, pedagogy, and assignments in the effort to create an even stronger institution of learning for students.

Each year programs and academic departments submit annual assessment reports for the previous academic year and plans for new assessment procedures for the future. The Academic Assessment Committee reviews reports and proposed plans, makes recommendations for improvements in assessment procedures, and adopts policies related to assessing student learning.

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