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Pulaski Technical College is committed to promoting student learning, student success in the workplace and student success after transfer. The College’s major strategies for promoting these goals are to assess how well students learn, how well graduates perform in the workplace and how well students perform after transfer to another school. Pulaski Technical College uses the results of these evaluations to improve individual courses and programs.

Pulaski Technical College has a systematic procedure for evaluating each instructional program, utilizing procedures developed by the faculty. Each year, evaluation results are used for curriculum development and to help make budget decisions.

At the beginning of each academic year, an Assessment Committee is selected, consisting of both faculty and staff. The director of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness serves as the administrative liaison to the Assessment Committee and the coordinator of assessment for the College as a whole.

At the beginning of October of each year, academic departments submit annual assessment reports for the previous academic year and plans for new assessment procedures for future terms to the Assessment Committee. The committee reviews reports and proposed plans, makes recommendations for improvements in assessment procedures and adopts policies related to assessing student learning.

The Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness archives academic assessment materials for the College. Efforts are underway to report assessment plans and findings electronically through TracDat, an online database, rather than through the older paper method. Microsoft Word templates are still available as documentation for the assessment process. For a copy of the plan format, click here. For a copy of the results format, click here.

TracDat is accessible on the campus network, including off-campus sites. To log in to TracDat, click the link below. User name coincides with the first part of Pulaski Tech email addresses. For a password, please contact Jasmine Ray (501-812-2241 or jray@pulaskitech.edu) in the Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness.

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