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Associate of Science degree:

The Associate of Science degree is awarded to students completing the requirements of the university-transfer program with a minimum of 62 credit hours. The degree parallels the work done in the first two years of a four-year institution and is designed for students planning to seek bachelor's degrees in natural science, mathematics or computer science.

Aviation Professional Pilot degree plan (PDF)

Degree Requirements

General Education (45 Hours)

AVN 1101. Introduction to Aeronautics Lab
This course prepares the student pilot for the first supervised solo flight. Course instruction includes pre-flighting the aircraft, taxiing, take off and landings and basic flight maneuvers. The emphasis is on safety and good decision-making. Corequisite: AVN 1103. (1 credit hour/special course fee)

AVN 1103. Fundamentals of Aeronautics I
This course serves as the foundation course for the study of the aviation field. The course involves an overview of the aviation field, an introduction to flight maneuvers, human factors, the aeronautical decision-making process, small airplane systems, Power plant operation, basic aerodynamics, safety considerations, airport operations, printed weather reports, performance charts, weight and balance, and technical subject and federal regulations areas appropriate to the student pilot. Corequisite: AVN 1101. (3 credit hours)

AVN 1203. Fundamentals of Aeronautics II
This course is an extension of Fundamentals of Aeronautics I. The course involves aeronautical charts, airspace, radio procedures, radar and ATC services, sources of flight information, weather hazards, graphic weather products, navigation, aviation physiology, aerodynamic principles, PTS usage and technical subject areas and federal regulations appropriate to the private pilot. Prerequisite: AVN 1103. (3 credit hours)

AVN 1201. Private Pilot Certification
This course provides ground school instruction in preparation for the FAA Private Pilot written examination. Prerequisites: AVN 1101 and AVN 1103. (1 credit hour)

AVN 1301. Private Pilot Lab
This course provides flight instruction necessary to complete requirements for the FAA Private Pilot Certificate. Prerequisites: AVN 1101 and AVN 1103. (1 credit hour/special course fee)

AVN 2201. Commercial Pilot Lab I
This course focuses on flight training necessary to complete cross-country requirements for Commercial Pilot Certificate. (1 credit hour/special course fee)

AVN 2103. Aviation Weather
This course provides an in-depth study addressing the elementary concepts and vocabulary necessary to understand aviation applications. A wide variety of atmospheric circulation systems and associated flight hazards are covered. The aviation weather course introduces the student to the forecasting process, aviation products and an overview of weather information sources, allowing the student to interpret the information obtained in briefings, printed reports and graphic weather products to enhance flight safety. (3 credit hours)

AVN 2301. Commercial Pilot Certification
Students receive ground instruction in preparation for the FAA Commercial Pilot written examination and Commercial Pilot certification in this course. This instruction emphasizes advanced aerodynamics, aircraft performance, precision maneuvers, extended cross country and night flight, relevant FAA regulations, introduction to advanced systems and transition to more sophisticated aircraft. Prerequisite: AVN 1301. (1 credit hour)

AVN 2203. Aviation Safety
Psychological, physical and operational aspects of flight and aviation ground safety are emphasized in this course, including elements of accident investigation and prevention. Students study actual aircraft accidents to determine causal factors, with special attention to weather factors, and propose possible preventive measures. Instruction is also provided in investigation of crashworthiness, crash survivability and after-crash survival factors. Prerequisites: AVN 1103 and AVN 1203. (3 credit hours)

AVN 2303. Instrument Flight Preparation and Procedures
Students are provided an in-depth preparation for FAA Instrument Pilot Certification in this course. The course focuses on theoretical and practical aspects of instrument flying and includes simulator orientation. Corequisites: AVN 2401 and AVN 2501. (3 credit hours)

AVN 2401. Instrument Pilot Certification
This course prepares the student for the FAA Instrument Pilot written examination. Course completion requires passing the FAA Instrument written exam. Corequisites: AVN 2303 and AVN 2501. (1 credit hour)

AVN 2501. Instrument Pilot Lab
Student pilots complete the flight training necessary to comply with requirements of the FAA Instrument rating in this course. Corequisites: AVN 2303 and AVN 2401. (1 credit hour/special course fee)

AVN 2601. Commercial Pilot Lab II
This course provides flight instruction necessary to complete requirements for the FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate. Corequisite: AVN 2301. Prerequisite: AVN 2201. (1 credit hour/special course fee) AVP 1110.

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