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“Leadership Pulaski Tech has been a great experience. I have enjoyed receiving pearls of wisdom from some of the leaders in our community.”
--Sonya Appleby, Tutor Coordinator, Bank of America Learning Assistance Center

“Leadership Pulaski Tech has helped me make solid connections with other staff and faculty around campus. I know that these relationships will provide a foundation for future collaboration.”
--Clark Atkins, Director of Admissions

“I have had a wonderful experience getting to know and working with my colleagues from many different areas on campus! The special sessions have given me a view into many of the aspects of the community that directly affect higher education and Pulaski Tech. I would recommend this program to everyone.”
--Summer Brown, Director of Student Life and Leadership

“Leadership Pulaski Tech has revealed the intricate journey of who we are and how we have come to be. Having explored many influencing dynamics, such as politics, current events and economic trends, I understand better the challenges impacting our ability to advance as a college. I now have a clearer vision of my role in the journey.”
--Dianne Butler, MAP, Career Counselor

“Applying and being part of the first Leadership Pulaski Tech class is one of the smartest decisions I have made for my professional career. The information gained though sessions that allow one-on-one discussions with central Arkansas leaders, administrators, government representatives and professionals in economic and community development is invaluable. I highly recommend it.”
--Wendy Davis, Assistant Library Director, Pulaski Tech Ottenheimer Library

“Leadership Pulaski Tech has provided me with exposure to the multiple facets affecting higher education; I have been introduced to the many opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Additionally, the program has afforded me the experience of networking with a diversity of campus personnel, a chance I might not otherwise received. I highly value my experience and treasure it!”
--Jason Henry, Advising and Support Services Specialist

“Leadership Pulaski Tech enables you to network with others, energizes your creative spirit and cultivates your ability to solve complex situations. If you’re ready to step into the spotlight and make a difference, Leadership Pulaski Tech is for YOU!”
--Jamie Higgins, Special Events Officer

“Leadership Pulaski Tech has increased my knowledge of economic and community development and enriched my life.”
--Rashunda Johnson, Dean of Acadiic Success

“My experience with Leadership Pulaski Tech has been one of learning and fun - from the games designed to teach the concepts of team work to the areas of economic and community development in Arkansas to government and the politics that affect and support PTC. I am very happy to have had this wonderful opportunity which has prepared me to be a better leader for the college and the community in which we serve.”
--Beata Lovelace, Instructor of Computer Information Processing / End-User Support Coordinator

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