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Tractor and Trailer Operator

Certificate of Proficiency:

Certificate of Proficiency programs provide a one semester concentration in a specific technical area.

Degree Requirements

Tractor and Trailer Operator (18 credit hours)

DTM 1904. Servicing Road Tractors and Trailers
This course includes supervised hands-on driving of tractor and trailer; oil, filters and lubrication of tractor and trailer; tandem alignment and brake repair; and troubleshooting of tractor and trailer. 2 lecture hours, 5 lab hours. (4 credit hour/special course fee)

DTM 1003. Tractor/Trailer Operation
This course focuses on the operation of a tractor and trailer in and around the freight terminal with basic yard maneuvering skills such as straight up and back parking, right-hand turns, alley docking and tractor trailer coupling. Classroom instruction focuses on safety, rules and policies of proper truck driving. 2 lecture hours, 3 lab hours. (3 credit hour/special course fee)

TRT 1003. Legal Requirements of Tractor and Trailer Operation
Legal aspects of tractor and trailer operation including Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, log books and record keeping are covered in this course. (3 credit hours)

TRT 1208. Tractor and Trailer Servicing Internship
This course enables students to acquire basic tractor/trailer servicing skills via internship agreements with local tractor/trailer shops. (8 credit hours)

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