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Career Services adds value to your educational experience by providing comprehensive and accessible service to students, alumni and members of the community. Career Services can help with choosing a major, finding employment, changing careers, re-entering the workforce and hiring a student employee.

Career Services Objectives

  • Initiate career planning at the beginning of the academic career
  • Provide guidance in the decision making process when choosing a major or career
  • Understand the relationship between personal dynamics (personality, interest, values and skills) and choosing a career field
  • Understand the relationship between your degree/certificate program and your career goals
  • Develop a career plan (Individual Education-career Plan –IEP) that is tailored to your specific goals
  • Develop and improve job search skills to enhance employment opportunities
  • Increase networking opportunities and knowledge of local business and industry
  • Encourage experiential experiences such as volunteerism and internships
  • Prepare students for success in the work force
  • Engage local businesses in the campus community
Career Counselor Responsibilities
  • Create an environment conducive to career research and exploration
  • Provide career counseling and guidance
  • Collaborate with entities on campus and in the community to enhance services
  • Provide comprehensive and accessible career programs and events
  • Solicit community involvement in campus programming
  • Assist in career plan development
  • Teach students job search strategies and techniques
  • Assist employers in finding qualified candidates
Student Responsibilities
  • Visit with a career counselor to begin planning your career
  • Utilize the career center to gain information about employment, internships, continuing education and job search skills
  • Participate in career events, such as job fairs, majors fairs, workshops and on-campus interviews
  • Take the Kuder career assessment
  • Develop a career plan that includes goals, action steps, timelines and target dates
  • Arrange a counseling session to address barriers to employment
  • Take advantage of experiential experiences such as, internships, volunteerism, part-time and full-time employment to enhance your marketability

Career Services FAQ

1. How can I contact a career counselor?

The best way to reach a career counselor is by email or phone. Email or call: Dbutler@pulaskitech.edu or 501-812-2284 or 501-812-2220.

2. Why should I take a career assessment?

A career assessment is the first step in the career planning process and helps with self-discovery and occupation exploration.

3. When should I begin planning my career?

Planning your career is very important and the sooner you begin the better off you will be. When students wait to near graduation to seek career counseling they risk being unprepared and/or missing opportunities to build skills and make important contacts.

4. How do I get started in planning my career?

A visit with a career counselor is the perfect place to start. You can learn about all the services available on campus and in the community.

5. What courses/resources are available to help plan my career?

The Career Services Department is staffed with professionals ready to assist you in developing a career plan. Services and resources include assessments, counseling, books, magazines, websites and career events such as job fairs, University Transfer Fair and workshops. In addition to these resources you can enroll in Career Seminar (COLL 1302), a 3 credit hour course design to help you decide a major and find a career.

6. How can I get a job with no experience, and how can I gain work experience?

Visit www.collegecentral.com/pulaskitech and find the online job board with 1000’s of jobs listed.  You will also find tutorials to assist you with job search techniques such as writing resumes and interviewing.  When you are ready, post your resume for employers to review.

7. Why do I need a resume?

A resume is expected for most professional jobs. A well-written resume that you can access at a moments notice shows that you are professional and prepared.

8. How do I handle negative information about my past during an interview?

Truthfully. Find a way to express negative experiences in a way that reflects on your growth since the occurrence.

9. Who can help me improve my interviewing skills?

A Career Counselor can critique your responses to commonly asked interview questions, arrange a mock interview and provide constructive feedback of your performance.

10. Where can I learn about degree programs at the four-year colleges?

Information about colleges and universities is on display in the Career Center’s Library. Also, attending the University Transfer Fair provides the opportunity to speak directly with the four-year college representatives.

11. What steps should I take to decide a major?

The first step begins with self-discovery. Next, you will want to learn all you can about the various occupations that exist and how they are grouped. Finally, you will analyze all that you have discovered to make an informed decision. The Kuder Career Assessment is the perfect tool to get you started.

12. How can I learn more about different career fields?

Job shadowing, internships, informational interviewing and career assessments can help you learn about different occupations.

13. How can a career counselor help me?

A career counselor can provide information, contacts, resources and the expertise to help you develop a career plan and add value to your educational experience.

Services Offered

Career Assessment

The Kuder Career Assessment is an online career assessment that sets the standard recognized by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, WorkForce Education and the Arkansas Association of Two Year Colleges. The Kuder Career Assessment assesses ones interest, values and skills and correlates them with a variety of career fields. Students explore occupations equipping them to make informed career decisions. Taking the Kuder Career Assessment is the first step to self-discovery and learning about the world of work.

Career Counseling

Individual and group counseling is offered to assist students in the pre-decision stage of choosing a major or career. Identifying barriers, making referrals, locating resources and implementing strategies for success are some of the components covered in the counseling session.

Employment Assistance

Job Fairs, on-campus interviewing and job postings provide employment opportunities for students. Job Readiness Workshops help students prepare for employment opportunities.

Career Library

Books, magazines, website information and other resource materials keep you informed and updated on the latest employment tips and trends.

Career Events

Job Fair- Local employers provide company information and employment opportunities to students at various job fairs on campus. Students are able to showcase their credentials, network with employers and learn what employers have to offer.

University Transfer Fair– College representatives from around the state participate in the University Transfer Fair to provide academic and degree information to students. Information is specific to the different departments at the various schools represented. Students meeting with Admissions representatives, Department Chairs and Faculty make important contacts before transferring to the four-year institutions. Additionally students are able to comparison shop in one location.

Classroom Presentations

Instructors arrange for classroom presentations by completing and submitting a Presentation Request Form to the Career Services staff.

Employer News

There are many opportunities for employers to participate in Career Services at Pulaski Technical College. Contact Career Services to post jobs, attend Job Fairs, arrange on-campus interviews, and make classroom presentations or other career related activities.

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Career Services are available:

Main Campus – CCB 105
Little Rock South – Student Services 101

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(501) 812-2284

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