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Summer Processing Policy for 2010

Adopted:† March 9, 2010

Summer I, Summer I extended, and Summer II all have start dates prior to July 1, 2010.† For summer 2010, Pulaski Technical Collegeís policy will be to award summer from the 2009-2010 FAFSA for all summer terms including summer terms which contain a crossover period into the new year.† Degree or certificate seeking studentís who are making satisfactory academic progress will be considered for summer financial aid.† Students who have received a full time Federal Pell Grant in both the fall 2009 and spring 2010 semester will be considered for a second scheduled award of Federal Pell Grant funds without regard to progression for the summer of 2010.† The student must, however, meet the following criterion.† First, the student must enroll in six or more credit hours in at least one or more of the summer terms.† Second, the student must be accelerating to the extent that they remain eligible to receive title IV federal aid under the satisfactory academic progress policy.† Students who did not receive a full Federal Pell Grant in either the fall 2009 or spring 2010 semester and have any summer enrollment will be considered for the remainder of their first scheduled Federal Pell Grant award.†

Student loans will require a minimum of six hours of enrollment during the summer.† Studentís who enroll in 3 hours in Summer I or Summer I extended, must pre register for a minimum of 3 hours in summer II to be considered for a student loan.

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