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Who can benefit from The Network for Student Success?

  • African American male students who are concerned about their education, but have encountered both academic and non-academic barriers to success. 
  • Faculty and staff who are committed to the goal of promoting and increasing retention and graduation rates. 

When is the best time for faculty and others to refer students?

We can't emphasize enough the importance of students coming to our program early in the semester. We want to intervene (or reach) the student before it is too late! Here are a few things you can do to help a student make the connection:

  1. Have the student access our Web site from your office for information and print out The Network’s service request form.
  2. Have the student bring the filled out request form to one of our offices to make an appointment with a success coach or e-mail our office at thenetwork@pulaskitech.edu requesting contact by our staff.
  3. Call one of our staff while the student is in your office (501) 812-2822. We can talk with you and the student about his situation right then, answer any questions and encourage him to complete a service request form.
  4. Walk the student over to our office to be introduced and to pick up a service request form. The form can be filled out in the office and the student can schedule an appointment to speak with a success coach.

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