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Athletic Club - The mission of the Pulaski Technical College Athletic Club is to help students stay active and healthy as they develop social and leadership skills by participating in athletic activities on campus. The clubs' members and advisor will conduct activities that enhance the development of these skills. The activities may include zumba, football, basketball, running, walking, tennis and other sports. The clubs' members and advisor will also focus on and promote health awareness on campus.

Amicus Curiae Paralegal Club – Paralegal Club introduces students to the field of legal studies and related subjects at Pulaski Technical College. Members are offered an opportunity to expand their legal knowledge and develop a greater understanding of the legal field. The club regularly holds meetings and events in which Paralegal Club members may network with members of the legal field and other PTC students, faculty, and staff. Any student who is enrolled at PTC as a student and has at least a 2.5 grade point average is eligible for membership. Dues are $10 a year, and may be prorated for students who join during the spring semester.

Advisor: Cathy Underwood (501) 812-2250

Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization – CEO Club brings together a diverse group of students with a common interest in owning a business. CEO unites students on campus, assists students with academics, and provides a social atmosphere to get to know other students with similar goals. The club regularly holds events in which CEO Club members may network with business owners from the community, PTC Alumni, and PTC faculty and staff members. Any student in good standing at PTC is eligible for regular membership in the CEO Club.

Advisor: April Hearne (501) 812-2843

Fine Arts Association - Fine Arts Association aims to promote, educate, and appreciate all avenues of the Fine Arts including, but not limited to: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Creative Writing.

Lambda Lambda Lambda - Lambda Lambda Lambda is the English Honor Society. The Society is a chapter of Sigma Kappa Delta, the National English Honors Society for Two-Year Colleges. Members are eligible to participate in state, regional, and national meetings and conferences. Lambda Lambda Lambda strives to create cultural stimulation, promote interest in literature and the English language, and exhibit high standards of academic excellence among its members. Each fall semester invitation to membership is extended by the chapter to students who have completed a minimum of one college course in English language or literature and who have also completed a minimum of 12 credit hours at PTC. The candidate shall have no grade lower than a B in English and must have a 3.30 cumulative grade point average.

Advisors: Leslie Lovenstein (501) 812-2377 and Mark Barnes (501) 812-2841

Metro Student Ministries - PTC is a state-supported institution and therefore non-denominational. The purposes of Metro Student Ministries are to encourage student fellowship, to develop student leadership skills, to provide opportunities for the study of Bible and to practice its teachings, to organize students for service and ministry projects, to assist students in communicating the meaning of their faith in significant ways, and to offer guidance as students face crises and critical choices in life. Membership is open.

Philosophy Club – Membership in the Philosophy Club encourages students to think critically about the world in which they live. Students in Philosophy Club will learn how to appreciate the perspective of others and be able to develop ideas and clearly communicate those ideas with others.
Advisor: Nicolette Smith  (501) 812-2261

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) - Phi Beta Lambda is the college business professional organization and is the college component of Future Business Leaders of America. While the organization primarily emphasizes business and business-related topics, students of various programs of study may join the organization. Community activities may include various fundraisers and community service projects. Professional activities may include guest speakers, networking opportunities, and state and national competitive events. Students who qualify for a national competitive event may receive scholarship or monetary rewards depending on the event. For more information visit our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pulaskipbl.

Advisor: John Price (501) 812-2842

Phi Theta Kappa - Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society that promotes academic excellence. Members are eligible to compete for scholarships, to participate in regional, national, and international meetings and institutes, and to attend workshops on leadership and scholarship. Phi Theta Kappa strives to create an intellectual climate that fosters academic excellence, protects academic integrity, and develops leadership. Each fall and spring semester invitation to membership is extended by the chapter to students who have completed a minimum of 18 credit hours at PTC that are clearly applicable to an associate degree with an minimum 3.50 cumulative grade-point average. The minimum 18 credit hours must include at least three credit hours of general education courses applicable to the associate degree being pursued.
Advisor: Michelle Verser (501) 812-2249

Sigma Lambda Kappa Sign Language Club – SLK strives to educate the PTC campus community about the deaf culture, engage in charity that support the Arkansas School for the Deaf and the Little Rock Deaf Club, and provides PTC students the opportunity to interact with other PTC students who have similar interest in Sign Language.
Advisor: Cheri Courtright (501) 812-2394

Spanish Club
The Spanish Club strives to promote, educate, and encourage an appreciation of the Spanish language and culture. Students will have an opportunity to practice the Spanish language with others who share a similar interest in learning Spanish. Membership is open to any currently enrolled PTC students who is interested in Spanish culture and language and would like to positively contribute to the club.
Advisor: Lisa Lamoureux (501) 812-2840

Student Ambassadors - Membership in the Pulaski Technical College Student Ambassadors organization is based on academic achievement, involvement in extracurricular activities, leadership abilities and recommendation of faculty and professional staff. Student Ambassadors represent Pulaski Technical College at various functions such as orientations, campus tours, school visits, speaking engagements and other special events. Ambassadors also perform community service, assist in student recruitment and support development efforts. Student Ambassadors serve as student representatives when welcoming and hosting honored guests and distinguished members of the college community. Ambassadors participate in college activities and represent Pulaski Tech both on and off campus.

Student Government Association - The membership of the Student Government Association (SGA) consists of elected and eligible student representatives. Elections are held each spring for president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. The president will appoint the parliamentarian and historian. Division senators will be inducted during the fall semester. Individuals from each division of the College and each PTC location should be represented. The Student Government Association’s main objectives are: to serve as student representatives and act as a liaison between administration/faculty/staff and students, campus activities, community service, fundraising, and advocacy. An advisor is appointed by college administration.

Skills USA - Membership in Skills USA is open to students and other persons interested in the various career fields represented. The purpose of SkillsUSA is to help the student develop social and leadership skills. The clubs’ members and advisors will conduct activities that enhance the development of these skills. The activities may include events between vocational technical institutions and between students, such as parliamentary procedure contests, troubleshooting contests for mechanics, etc.

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