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Pre-Nursing Program for BHCLR

Pulaski Technical College is partnered with Baptist Health College Little Rock – School of Nursing to bring a unique educational experience for students desiring to become a registered nurse. PTC offers the required general education and science courses as a part of BHSLR’s nursing curriculum. Students who have completed the Certificate of Proficiency in Pre-Health Care Studies at PTC will receive preferred application status at BHSLR.

There are several options you can choose based on your prior college credits.

All BHCLR applicants must have a minimum 16 subset score in each section of the ACT (English, Reading, Math, Science Reasoning) to be eligible for the School of Nursing. BHCLR does not accept the Compass test. Students can register to take the ACT at BHCLR’s website.

To apply to the BHCLR School of Nursing, please visit www.bhclr.edu. BHCLR accepts nursing classes twice per year.

Pre-Nursing Track (1-2 semesters prior to Nursing Program)

The Pre-Nursing Studies track is designed for students with little prior college experience. Some developmental coursework must be completed as required based on ACT scores in order to be eligible for this track. Students are encouraged to apply for the pre-nursing track upon eligibility and continue general education and science coursework through PTC at BHCLR.

This unique partnership offers several advantages:

  • Students who successfully complete the pre-nursing courses at BHCLR will automatically progress to the Nursing Program without having to reapply.
  • Focused learning environment with classmates who are all striving for the same goal.
  • PTC faculty work closely with nursing instructors in order to prepare students for professional courses.
  • Course section availability located on the BHCLR campus.

Traditional Track (3 semesters for Nursing Program)

Students with more extensive college credit may be eligible to apply directly to the Nursing Program. In addition to the ACT requirements, at least seven (7) of the nine (9) required general education courses must be completed in order to apply. The general education and science courses required for the BHCLR program are:

  • ENGL 1311 – English Composition I (ACTS #: ENGL 1013)
  • ENGL 1312 – English Composition II (ACTS #:ENGL 1023)
  • MATH 1302 – College Algebra (ACTS #: MATH 1103)
  • CIS 1103 – Computer Concepts (ACTS #: CPSI 1003)
  • PSYC 2300 – Psychology and the Human Experience (ACTS #: PSYC 1103)
  • BIOL 1402 – Human Anatomy & Physiology I (ACTS #: BIOL 2404)
  • BIOL 1403 – Human Anatomy & Physiology II (ACTS #: BIOL 2414)
  • BIOL 2401 – Microbiology (ACTS #: BIOL 2004)
  • CHEM 1403 – Fundamental Chemistry I (ACTS #: CHEM 1214)

1. What is my best option for becoming an RN?

We strongly encourage students to meet with a PTC advisor to discuss what track is best for you. Log on to the MyPTC Portal and click the white Advising icon to make an appointment. Select “Registered Nursing” as your interest. You may also speak with the Enrollment Coordinator at BHCLR by calling (501) 202-6200.

2. Why should I consider BHCLR over other nursing programs?

One of the most distinct advantages of the BHCLR program is its emphasis on clinical experiences, which students begin participating in from the very first semester. Many employers tell us that BHCLR produces the most job-ready nurses in the area. Also, after completion of the general education classes, the nursing program is only three semesters. BHCLR accepts nursing classes twice a year. Students who complete the Certificate of Proficiency in Pre-Health Care Studies at PTC will be given preferred standing on their application to BHCLR.

3. What if I want a bachelor’s degree in nursing?

BHCLR has academic partnerships with both Arkansas Tech University and University of Arkansas at Little Rock to offer graduates a BSN-completer that can be taken online. This means you get to work sooner—after graduating from BHCLR—and can complete a bachelor’s degree online while working!

4. Do I have to work for Baptist Health if I go to school there?

The Baptist Health School of Nursing provides staffing for its health care facilities, but you are not required to work for Baptist upon graduation.

5. How can I get help paying for nursing school?

You may be eligible for financial aid. Students attending BHCLR should submit the FAFSA through BHCLR, not PTC. Students who enroll in the pre-nursing track and take the general education classes through PTC at BHCLR will be able to combine nursing and the required general education course credit hours from both schools to achieve full-time enrollment status (depending on transfer credit already completed).

6. I am an LPN and want a fast track option to RN. Does BHCLR have that option?

Yes, for a student who is an LPN or a Certified Paramedic, BHCLR has a one-year accelerated program. To determine your eligibility, please visit www.bhclr.edu for admissions requirements.


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