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Tractor and Trailer Logistics

PTC StudentThis program prepares students to operate over-the-road tractor and trailer units for trucking companies and/or as owner-operators.

Tractor and Trailer Logistics Certificate of Proficiency (PDF)

Degree Requirements:

DTM 1904. Pre-Trip Inspection
This course involves a full Inspection of the tractor and trailer and knowledge of each major working part in the vehicle. Such as Coolant, Steering components, Brake parts, air compressor, tires and hub oilers, 5th wheel coupling system, air brake testing, and etc. This is a major part of truck driving so it give the understanding of your truck and how it operates. It is also part of the State test. Students are required to point out each part and explain what it is and say if it is secure or damaged and no loose or missing parts or no leaks. 2 lecture hours, 5 lab hours. (4 credit hour/special course fee)

DTM 1003. Tractor/Trailer Operation
This course focuses on the operation of a tractor and trailer in and around the freight terminal with basic yard maneuvering skills such as straight up and back parking, right-hand turns, alley docking and tractor trailer serpentine. Classroom instruction focuses on safety, rules and policies of proper truck driving. 2 lecture hours, 3 lab hours. (3 credit hour/special course fee)

TRT 1003. Legal Requirements of Tractor and Trailer Operation
Legal aspects of tractor and trailer operation including Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, log books and record keeping are covered in this course. (3 credit hours)

TRT 1008. Tractor and Trailer Operations with Internship
This course enables students to acquire basic tractor/trailer operations skills via internship agreements with trucking companies nationwide. (8 credit hours)

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